Fire Extinguisher Program - Town & Country Mutual Insurance Company

Fire Extinguisher Program

Fire is a major cause of loss of property in homes and farms. To assist our homeowners and farmers protect their property against fire loss, Town & Country Mutual Insurance offers certified fire extinguishers for sale a very affordable prices.

We currently have 2.5lb 5 lb, 10 lb and 20 lb ABC fire extinguishers for sale. They are versatile and can be safely used on all types of fires.


2.5lb -  $21.47 (includes taxes)
5 lb   -  $27.12 (includes taxes) 
10 lb -  $44.64 (includes taxes)
20 lb - $76.28 (includes taxes)

Fire extinguishers that are purchased from Town & Country are refilled at no cost. Simply bring them to our office and we’ll arrange it for you.

These extinguishers are only available to policyholders of Town & Country. Please contact your agent or broker for more details on this program.