Consumer Rights

Town & Country Mutual Insurance is your company, owned by you, and we are committed to serving you with professionalism and integrity. The Insurance Industry recently demonstrated its commitment to keeping consumers fully informed – we have nothing to hide. 

In keeping with this Code, we feel that you have the right to know how our distributors are compensated. Town and Country Mutual Insurance distributes it insurance products through licensed agents (distribute only Town & Country products) and brokers (distribute Town & Country’s products along with others). Our agents and brokers live in the communities that Town & Country serves. Our policyholders are therefore able to choose the type of insurance professional that best suits their needs and expectations.

Our Agent / Broker agreements require that your Agent / Broker exercise the utmost diligence, honesty and good faith in the performance of their duties so that they can provide you with the expert advice, choice and service you require.

We compensate our Agents and Brokers in two ways:

1. We pay them a commission which is a fixed percentage of the annual premium you pay. This varies by line of business as shown in the chart below.

Line of Business Base Commission
Automotive 7% to 12.5%
Residential 13% to 20%
Agribusiness & Commercial 13% to 20%

2. Agents and Brokers may earn a contingent profit commission which gives recognition to those agents and  brokers who help us write profitable business. Contingent commissions are not guaranteed and are based on the profitability of the business submitted over either a one or three year basis. If earned, the contingent commission is paid annually.

Total commissions paid to distributors for 2010 represented 14.3% of Written Premium.

Town & Country does not offer any other form of compensation, remuneration or loans, nor does it hold any equity in any brokerage that distributes our insurance products.